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Krah pipes are available in a comprehensive range of diameters and stiffness classes, and they offer a full array of complementary components such as fittings and manholes. This versatility enables the creation of a seamless and dependable pipe system to fulfill diverse project requirements.


Fittings are typically constructed from either VW (solid wall) or CPR (closed profile) pipes. These fittings are custom-designed to match the specified stiffness requirements while considering welding factors. They are versatile, accommodating various pipe ends and seamlessly integrating with the existing pipe system using the appropriate jointing techniques.


The dimensions of all pipe ends adhere to international standards, including ASTM F 894, EN 13476, and ISO 21138, ensuring compliance with minimum lengths and stiffness criteria. Standard spigot length (Ls) and bell length (Lm) are set at 140mm (5.5 inches). Fittings are crafted from Krah pipes with the necessary stiffness and wall structure, maintaining consistency with the specified requirements.



Branches can be custom-made and supplied in a wide array of types and shapes, with the angle being individually adjustable, ranging from 15° to 90°, along with the flexibility to tailor the ends and segment lengths according to specific requirements

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To establish a leak-free connection between Krah pipes and concrete structures, such as water treatment plants or concrete shafts/manholes, Krah puddle flanges offer a reliable solution. These puddle flange fittings can be seamlessly integrated into the concrete wall, including the option for an integrated electrofusion bell.



Bends can be crafted and segmented at various angles, and the bend radius in relation to the pipe diameter can be chosen independently. While the table lists standard bend angles in accordance with DIN 16961, any other dimensions are also feasible, and virtually any angle can be produced to suit specific project needs.

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Reducers can be produced with both centric and eccentric configurations, ensuring they align with all technical specifications. Krah pipe-based reducers can be custom-crafted to accommodate specific angles and desired diameter variations as per project requirements.

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