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Joining Technology

Joining technology built into your custom solution.

Various joining technologies, including electrofusion, extrusion welding, and butt fusion, are commonly used to create secure and leak-free connections in HDPE pipes, providing versatile options for different project requirements.

Meet our flagship joining technology, Electrofusion. The whole pipe system becomes a homogenous unit. A welding wire, which is integrated into the socket or spigot is heated with the help of a special welding device whereby the two pipe ends (socket and spigot) are joined together. The electro-fusion jointing technique is a very favorable, simple and safe method to install pipes in even very narrow trenches in a short time. For further information please refer to our special brochure "E-fusion". 

KRAHUSA, Oregon USA Manufacturer of HDPE Pipe
Closeup of Electrofusion coils KRAHUSA, Oregon USA Manufacturer of HDPE Pipe
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