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Custom Fabrication

A customized solution designed to meet the unique requirements of your project.


True Custom

Our custom HDPE fabrications are the epitome of innovation and efficiency. Crafted with precision and expertise, these tailored solutions offer a myriad of advantages. Their high-density polyethylene construction ensures exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity, making them ideal for demanding industrial environments. These custom fabrications are not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly, as they reduce the need for frequent replacements and can be recycled. With their versatility and precision engineering, our HDPE fabrications provide reliable, long-lasting solutions for diverse infrastructure needs, ensuring you get the best in quality and performance. Choose our custom HDPE fabrications for a sustainable, efficient, and cost-saving solution to your infrastructure requirements.


Manholes are vital for regular pipe system inspection and maintenance, typically positioned at bends, reducers, or branches. Krah manholes are crafted from the same resin used for the pipes and connected with similar jointing techniques, adhering to international standards for various loads. They offer a homogeneous system and are ideally produced using Krah structured wall types like CPR and VW, promoting efficient settling of soil around their smooth outer surface. Two manhole types, centric and tangential, are selected based on pipe dimensions, offering easy installation and low space requirements. Krah manholes assure sustainability, flexibility, lightweight design, inspection-friendly surfaces, and long-lasting durability with a 100-year service life.


Tangential Manhole

Tangential manholes are employed for larger pipe dimensions (e.g., from DN/ID 40 in. up to DN/ID 196 in.), with the manhole shaft being eccentrically positioned on the pipe. These designs incorporate accessibility for maintenance and inspection. Notably, the advantage of this solution lies in its straightforward site handling and minimal space requirements, making the installation effort of a Krah tangential manhole comparable to that of a standard pipe, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Centric Manhole

With the manhole shaft positioned centrally on the pipe the Centric Manhole is ideal for smaller pipe dimensions (ie: from DN/ID 12 in. up to DN/ID 32 in.). The benching, channel and bottom plate can be designed to specifications.


Krah's production technology employs a helical extrusion (spiral wound) process capable of crafting profiled pipes for gravity applications, solid-wall pressure pipes, and a wide array of special wall structures, including fittings, manholes, and accessories. Thanks to this advanced technology and ongoing development efforts, Krah Pipes can manufacture seamless, smooth pipes with inspection-friendly inner surfaces. These pipes also feature an integrated socket spigot for electrofusion jointing, and they can accommodate various other joining technologies. This production method offers the flexibility for tailoring cost-efficient pipe designs, especially suited to the specific application, through custom-designed wall structures.


The pipe system can meet the requirements for standard pipes as well as customized (engineered) pipe systems.

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