Custom high-density polyethylene pipe

About Krah

Krah is a leading company in the manufacture of large diameter thermoplastic pipes for fluid conduction and storage.

We produce the most robust tailor-made piping and fittings systems, optimized for actual use and with all the comparative advantages offered by modern thermoplastic materials such as HDPE and PP polypropylene. We develop engineering solutions, highly efficient, reliable and with an excellent cost-benefit ratio at levels of advice, service and quality unique in the market.

German technology American ingenuity.




The best tailored solution for all types of gravity driving.

K-PE 100

The only one on the market that can be designed to measure pressure and rigidity, optimizing costs and construction times in aqueducts, submarine outfalls, including many others.


A new and exclusive generation of pipes developed by Krah with great flexibility that admits higher pressure, with higher space efficiency

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